Press Release for GC-REAAD™


 Singapore company launches more accurate gastric cancer screening kit


Singapore, 11 November 2015 – Gastric cancer (stomach cancer) is the fifth most common cancer globally, with nearly 1 million people diagnosed every year1. It is also one of leading causes of cancer-related mortality, mainly due to the fact that most cases are diagnosed at a late stage. When gastric cancer is diagnosed early, management of the disease improves prognosis significantly. As such, there is a strong need for more effective gastric cancer diagnostic tools, to improve patient outcome.


To address this problem, Restalyst Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based medical diagnostic company has developed a new gastric cancer screening kit, called GC-REAAD™. This is a blood-based ELISA2 test for detecting gastric cancer. As such, it has demonstrated higher accuracy rates for diagnosing gastric cancer, compared to other generic cancer screening tests. In validation studies, Restalyst found that GC-REAAD™ demonstrated sensitivity3 and specificity4 rates of between 80-95%. This compares excellently to other cancer biomarker tests where the sensitivity and specificity rates for gastric cancer range from 16-63%5. Restalyst’s validation studies were conducted on patient samples collected by the Singapore Gastric Cancer Consortium.


Restalyst has successfully attained CE Mark certification for the GC-REAAD™, to be used as an in vitro diagnostic device within the European Union. The company is planning to market the device to hospitals, laboratories and clinics throughout Europe. GC-REAAD™ may be used as part of health screening services offered by healthcare providers, as it provides insights to clinicians, supporting the accurate and timely diagnosis of gastric cancer. GC-REAAD™ is positioned to complement other diagnostic tests, such as the endoscopy. Although an endoscopy is the current gold standard for detecting gastric cancer, it has limitations for use in mass screenings such as being a highly-invasive and costly procedure, with risks of complications such as perforation or damage to tissue.


The GC-REAAD™ kit will be launched at MEDICA 2015 next week, the largest medical trade fair, held from 16 to 19 November in Germany. Restalyst is exhibiting at booth 74, Hall 3, as part of the Singapore Pavilion, led by IE Singapore.


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