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 clockimg18 November 2016

MEDICA 2016 Follow-up                          



clockimg11 November 2016

Press Release for HCC-REAAD™                        



clockimg 04 November 2016

Restalyst @ MEDICA 2016

This year, Restalyst will be participating at MEDICA 2016, which is held from the 14 to 17 November.                           


 clockimg 08 November 2015

Restalyst @ MEDICA2015 - Update

Our booth all nicely setup in MEDICA2015. Thank you to all distinguished guests and partners that have stopped by our booth to have a chat with us.



clockimg 11 November 2015

Press Release for GC-REAAD™

Singapore company launches more accurate gastric cancer screening kit              



clockimg 09 November 2015

Launch of Gastric Cancer Screening Kit
We are happy to announce that we are launching a new product—GC-REAAD™, an ELISA-based gastric cancer screening kit today.         



clockimg 31 October 2016

Restalyst @ MEDICA2015
This year, Restalyst will be participating at MEDICA2015, which is held from the 16 to 19 November.